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Where to Retire in Belize

While reasonably priced housing and Program advantages such as tax and duty exemptions attract retirees, we are also aware that retirees would also want a place where they belong and have a role in continuing to be productive members of society. When it comes to where in Belize you want to live depends on how immersed in the Belizean culture you wish to the type of lifestyle you wish to lead. Housing and land are relatively inexpensive in Belize compared to more popular destinations in the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

Since the legislation of the Retired Persons Incentive Program in 1999, there has been new developments with regards to specific housing facility services, or retirement communities, offering full amenities and customized packages to retirees. For more information on such facilities, please visit:

Go Retire
(Corozal District)
Consejo Shores Ltd.
P.O. Box 35
Corozal Town,
Corozal BELIZE
Central America
Tel: +501-423-1005
Fax: +501-423-1006
Mr. John Tuan at

Orchid Bay Belize
(Corozal District)

(Punta Gorda District)

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